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Dr Robin Ryan

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Book Chapters

  • Ryan, R., (2015), No Tree-No Leaf: Applying Resilience Theory to Eucalypt-Derived Musical Traditions. Current Directions in Ecomusicology: Music, Culture, Nature, 57-68, Online.
  • Ryan, R., Patten, H., (2014), Two Decades in the Contact Zone: A Critical Assessment of Process and Productivity in Koori Music Research. Collaborative Ethnomusicology: New Approaches to Music Research between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians, 97-114, University of Melbourne.

Journal Articles

  • Ryan, R., (2015), 'Didjeri-dus' and 'Didjeri-don'ts': Confronting Sustainability Issues. Journal of Music Research Online, 6(2015), 1-24.
  • Ryan, R., (2014), Toward a New, Musical Paradigm of Place: The Port River Symphonic of Chester Schultz. Environmental Humanities , 4(1), 41-67, Kensington, NSW.
  • Ryan, R., (2013), Not Really a Musical Instrument? Locating the Gumleaf as Acoustic Actant and Environmental Icon. Societies, 3(2), 224-242, Basel, Switzerland, DOI: 10.3390/soc3020224.

Conference Publications

  • Ryan, R., (2013), From Prison to Playground: Disruptions of Musical Flow in Rottnest Island Cultural History. Shifting Sounds: Musical Flow, A Collection of Papers from the 2012 IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference, 136-145, New Zealand.
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