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Mr Daniel Susnjar

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Daniel is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


  • Doctor of Musical Arts, United States of America, 2013.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Non-Traditional Research Outputs

  • Susnjar, D., (2015), Daniel Susnjar Live Compositional Premiers. 2015 Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival and Musica Criolla, Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre and Fremantle Arts Centre.
  • Susnjar, D., Malet, R., Minness, L., Mitchell, H., Thomson, J., Grafton, Z., Robbie, I., (2017), Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group performance at Perth International Arts Festival. Evan Sherman Big Band With Special Guests Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group, Chevron Festival Gardens, Perth, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Wood, G., Jodrell, M., Mackey, C., Susnjar, D., Florrison, K., (2014), Mat Jodrell at The Perth International Jazz Festival. The Perth International Jazz Festival, Brookfield Place, Perth.
  • Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., (2014), Jamie Oehlers Trio - Beaufort Street Festival and PJS at the Laneway. Beaufort Street Festival 2014 and PJS at the Laneway, The City of Stirling Stage, Perth and The Laneway, Perth.
  • O'Halloran, T., Alderson, D., Susnjar, D., (2014), Tom O'Halloran Trio at the 2014 Perth International Jazz Festival. Perth International Jazz Festival 2014, Urban Orchard, Perth.
  • Berstein, P., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., Abbey, N., (2014), Peter Berstein at the Perth International Jazz Festival. 2014 Perth International Jazz Festival, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Wood, G., Barlow, D., Jeavons, P., Susnjar, D., (2014), Dale Barlow live at The Ellington. Dale Barlow live at The Ellington, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Wood, G., Susnjar, D., Pooley, S., Hammer, L., Bodycoat, A., (2014), Over the Rainbow - Pridefest WA. Over the Rainbow - Pridefest WA, Connections Nightclub and The Ellington Jazz Club, Libby Hammer.
  • Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., Bernstein, P., (2014), Peter Bernstein with Jamie Oehlers Trio. Peter Bernstein with Jamie Oehler's Trio at the Perth International Jazz Festival, Cultural Centre, Perth, PIJF.
  • Susnjar, D., (2016), Moth to a Flame CD. Moth to a Flame, New York City, USA, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Susnjar, D., Susnjar, D(., Norris, A., Roberts, T., Bernstein, C., Juarez, Y., Bollenback, P., Anning, S., Lobaton Beltran, TH., Alegria, G., Leguia, LA., (2014), The application of Afro-Peruvian rhythms to the drumset – Su Su Nje. Su Su Nje, New Jersey, Miami and New York City, USA and Perth, Western Australia, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Susnjar, D., Leguia, LA., Alegria, G., Juarez, Y., Lobaton Beltran, TH., Essiet, EE., Benitez, J., Alcazar, H., Carter, R., Tinnin, S., Roy, B., Ferrante, R., O'Farrill, A., (2014), Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet CD "10". "10", New York City, USA, Daniel Susnjar.
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