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Corporate training

Communication has to begin somewhere.

You sense the readiness of your audience and you want to make the first words count.

You have put hours into preparing the content but now it is time to deliver it.

WAAPA Corporate Training's approach to communication and presentation skills is all about the delivery. The very performance skills that have distinguished WAAPA graduates in theatre, film and television are the foundation of all corporate training programs.

Our Corporate Training offers public enrolment courses, customised programs and personal coaching sessions.

Programs include:

  • Building Better Teams;
  • Communicating With Confidence; and
  • Presentation Skills.

The distinguishing feature of all WAAPA Corporate Training programs is dynamic, experiential coursework. The courses allow for real-time practise of essential presentation skills and allow time to reflect on habitual tendencies and remedy distracting communication behaviours.

With more exciting courses in development there has never been a better time to gain your competitive edge with these unique and exciting professional development opportunities.

For further information contact:

Operations Manager
Ms Sophie Norman
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 6993

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