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In addition to Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, we provide Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. These nationally recognised qualifications are delivered in accordance with the National Skills Framework and offer pathways to further learning. On successful completion of a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma, students may audition for other courses within WAAPA. Qualifications may provide advanced standing when enrolling in a related VET course or Bachelor Degree. Students who do not undertake training in, or complete a full qualification are issued a Statement of Attainment listing competency achieved for each unit of competency.

Admission is subject to ECU’s Standard Admission and students are governed by ECU’s policies and procedures.

The table below explains the differences in education levels between courses offered at WAAPA:

Qualifications by Education Sector and Australian Qualifications Framework
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
AQF Level 1Certificate IBasic functional knowledge in a narrow area of work and learning.
AQF Level 2Certificate IIBasic knowledge and skills to undertake routine work and as a pathway to further leaning.
AQF Level 3Certificate IIIPractical knowledge and skills for work and as a pathway to further learning.
AQF Level 4Certificate IVBroad range of practical knowledge and skills for specialised work and/or further learning.
AQF Level 5DiplomaSpecialised theoretical knowledge and technical skills in a specific area for paraprofessional work and/or further learning.
AQF Level 6Advanced DiplomaApply specialised and integrated technical skills with theoretical knowledge to undertake advance work and as a pathway for further learning.
University / Higher Education (HE)
AQF Level 7Bachelor DegreeBroad and coherent theoretical and technical knowledge and skills for professional work and/or further learning.
AQF Level 8Bachelor Honours DegreeApply a body of knowledge in a specific context to undertake professional work and as a pathway for research and further learning.
AQF Level 9Master’s DegreeSpecialised knowledge and skills for research, and/or professional practice and/or further learning.
AQF Level 10Doctoral DegreeSystematic and critical understanding of a complex field or learning and specialised research skills for the advancement of learning and/or for professional practice.

We offer a large selection of courses and disciplines across our study areas, with the right balance of practical knowledge and academic excellence and a wide range of study options. If you want to reach your potential in a learning environment that is supportive, flexible and relevant to the real world - then you've come to the right place.

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