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WAAPA turns to video to uncover the next star

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Aspiring students from as far away as Karratha, Christmas Island and Singapore can now find out in just one minute if they have what it takes to be a competitive applicant in Music, Arts Management or the Production Arts in Perth’s world-class performing arts school.

The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) has opened up their virtual doors to individuals interested in studying Music or Production and Design with the One Minute Pitch website.

WAAPA Director Professor Julie Warn said people who pitch to the website will find out whether or not they’re ready to go into a full audition process.

“It might be the person is ready right now, or they might need some more development before they apply,” Professor Warn said.

“It could mean that someone who is a diamond in the rough with little concept of how they measure up are encouraged to apply to WAAPA by our own world-class staff – without ever even visiting Western Australia,” she said.

Casting the net far and wide

Professor Warn said One Minute Pitch gives aspiring artists everywhere access to feedback from WAAPA lecturers.

“One Minute Pitch is aimed at people who really want to work in the performing arts profession because WAAPA has a great track record of producing work-ready graduates who get scooped up by employers.

“We know there’s talent everywhere, but we can’t be everywhere. One Minute Pitch means that regional, remote or even international students can show us what they’ve got at the click of a button,” Professor Warn said.

Benefits for country students

Third year Jazz Music student Malachi George grew up in Karratha and said he can see why getting feedback could really benefit students who live outside Perth.

“I started playing the guitar when I was eight years-old and by 12 I knew I wanted to study at WAAPA.

“There were no music schools and not even any guitar stores in Karratha. I had a few people that taught me the basics but I mostly taught myself to play by using YouTube and stuff like that,” he said.

Malachi’s Karratha high school didn’t offer music after Year Nine, but he was fortunate to attend boarding school in Perth where he completed his secondary studies.

“Because I was in Perth for the later part of my schooling, I was able to participate in jazz camps on the holidays at WAAPA, and was lucky enough to meet and get feedback from some of the lecturers before I auditioned.

“But not everyone from regional areas has that opportunity and it can be really hard to get a sense of where you’re at and whether you’ve reached the standard you need to get into WAAPA,” he said.

“The audition process can be nerve-wracking, so to have the potential for that positive feedback before you go for it is awesome. It’s something I wish I had,” Malachi said.

Interested applicants should visit the One Minute Pitch website to find out more. Eligible courses include Arts Management, Design, Lighting, Costume, Stage Management, Sound, Props and Scenery, Classical Music, Contemporary Music and Jazz Music.


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