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Graduation recitals - Classical Music

Graduation recitals are the highlight of a music student’s studies, and bring WAAPA’s 2017 music calendar to a thrilling conclusion. After years of hard practice and performance, the standard of these recitals is exceptional.

A free event, we encourage you to come and support our graduating students by attending their graduation recitals.The full timetable of recitals is available below.

12 October6.30pmJessica Porter-LangsonViolaMusic Auditorium
29 October4.00pmZoe McGivernTrumpetMusic Auditorium
4 November4.30pmHayden ReissViolinMusic Auditorium
4 November5.30pmMorgan WrightDouble BassMusic Auditorium
4 November6.30pmSamantha CraigViolinMusic Auditorium
5 November12.30pmRuna MuraseViolinMusic Auditorium
5 November1.30pmHayden WisemanViolinMusic Auditorium
5 November3.00pmLauren BurnsVoiceMusic Auditorium
5 November4.00pmJillian HalleronVoiceMusic Auditorium
5 November5.00pmJake BigwoodVoiceMusic Auditorium
5 November7.00pmJoshua MittingVoiceMusic Auditorium
5 November8.00pmRachel DoultonVoiceMusic Auditorium
5 November9.00pmKirilee TaylorVoiceMusic Auditorium
6 November2.00pmChristopher-Jack AndrewVoiceMusic Auditorium
6 November3.00pmNicole MealeyVoiceMusic Auditorium
6 November4.00pmShania EliassenVoiceMusic Auditorium
6 November6.00pmParis CeglinskiVoiceMusic Auditorium
6 November7.00pmTheodore Murphy-JelleyVoiceMusic Auditorium
6 November8.00pmEmma OorschotVoiceMusic Auditorium
7 November2.00pmLaurence WestripVoiceMusic Auditorium
7 November3.00pmChristopher TayVoiceMusic Auditorium
7 November4.00pmLucy SchneiderVoiceMusic Auditorium
7 November6.00pmCaitlin RoweVoiceMusic Auditorium
7 November7.00pmSamantha GauntVoiceMusic Auditorium
7 November8.00pmKristen SibleyVoiceMusic Auditorium
8 November2.00pmJulia NewsomeVoiceMusic Auditorium
8 November3.00pmMegan WillsVoiceMusic Auditorium
8 November4.00pmKristina LangVoiceMusic Auditorium
8 November6.00pmEma Rose GosnellVoiceMusic Auditorium
8 November7.00pmSarah JacksonVoiceMusic Auditorium
8 November8.00pmAria RoyVoiceMusic Auditorium
9 November2.00pmAmelia PowersVoiceMusic Auditorium
9 November3.00pmMiriam MeakinVoiceMusic Auditorium
9 November4.00pmVirginia HurleyVoiceMusic Auditorium
9 November6.00pmAbigail WackettVoiceMusic Auditorium
9 November7.00pmAlexandra GraveVoiceMusic Auditorium
9 November8.00pmLiam AuhlVoiceMusic Auditorium
13 November6.00pmThomas GilmoreTromboneMusic Auditorium
13 November7.00pmJennifer BylundTrumpetMusic Auditorium
13 November8.00pmRebekah BennettVoiceMusic Auditorium
14 November6.30pmRebekah EllisClarinetMusic Auditorium
14 November7.30pmStefan PavlovicClassical GuitarMusic Auditorium
14 November8.30pmCameron SomodjiClassical GuitarMusic Auditorium
18 November2.00pmLaura HarrisPercussionMusic Auditorium
20 November6.30pmAlice ThorburnFluteMusic Auditorium
20 November7.30pmSylvie Carolin-UnkovichTrumpetMusic Auditorium
20 November8.30pmAndrea SitasDouble BassMusic Auditorium
22 November5.00pmRebecca HyderPianoMusic Auditorium
22 November6.00pmEmanuel TroacaPianoMusic Auditorium
22 November7.00pmMitchell Price-NorgaardPianoMusic Auditorium
22 November8.00pmDenise DangPianoMusic Auditorium
23 November4.00pmJordan ProctorFortepianoMusic Auditorium
23 November5.00pmPrue HancockPianoMusic Auditorium
23 November6.00pmXing Yuan LeePianoMusic Auditorium
23 November7.00pmNicholas WilliamsPianoMusic Auditorium

* Please note that this schedule is subject to change without notice.

Performance Details


Music Auditorium

Performance dates

12th Oct 6:30pm 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 23rd Nov 7:00pm

Ticketing information

$ - Full
$ - Concession/Friends

Bookings open

1st Jan 8:00am - Friends
1st Jan 8:00am - Public

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