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AusStage - Phase 4

AusStage provides an accessible research facility for investigating live performance in Australia. It is a database of live performance metrics and promotes itself as an indicator of the nation's cultural vitality. One focus of the AusStage Phase 4 project is directed on how AusStage represents collaborations between dance artists, including artistic directors, choreographers and dancers, and their work. In WA, there will be a particular focus on four major dance companies; LINK Dance Company, STEPS Youth Dance Company, STRUT Dance, and BUZZ Dance Company.

AusStage Phase 4 aims to map the collaborations between different artists working on artistic projects. Performance metrics for artistic projects are entered into the AusStage database including event name, venue details, performance dates, short descriptive summary, associated companies, and associated contributors. A network visualisation program will then be used to build an interface for navigating and analysing the network of artistic collaborations embedded in the dataset.

The network visualisation program will be employed to study lines of artistic contact between artists involved in creative projects and determine influence and cross-fertilization between artists across projects. Organisational cycles of growth and change will be studied while patterns in career pathways and professional development will be mapped. Conclusions will also be drawn on emerging clusters of collaborative creativity suitable for strategic investment.


Ms Nanette Hassall
Dr Shona Erskine

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