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Mr Daniel Susnjar

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Daniel is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


  • Doctor of Musical Arts, United States of America, 2013.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Non-Traditional Research Outputs

  • Susnjar, D., (2015), Daniel Susnjar Live Compositional Premiers. 2015 Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival and Musica Criolla, Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre and Fremantle Arts Centre.
  • Susnjar, D., Malet, R., Minness, L., Mitchell, H., Thomson, J., Grafton, Z., Robbie, I., Susnjar, C., Acuna, A., (2018), Daniel Susnjar live performances 2018. Daniel Susnjar live performances 2018 , Ellington Jazz Club, 2018 Jazz by the Bay Festival, 2018 Melbourne Intl. Jazz Festival, 2018 King Street Corner Pocket Festival (Perth, WA), 2018 Australian Ultimate Drummers Weekend (Melbourne, VIC), WAAPA, 2018 Perth Intl. Jazz Festival, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Susnjar, D., Malet, R., Minness, L., Mitchell, H., Thomson, J., Grafton, Z., Robbie, I., (2017), Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group performance at Perth International Arts Festival. Evan Sherman Big Band With Special Guests Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group, Chevron Festival Gardens, Perth, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., (2014), Jamie Oehlers Trio - Beaufort Street Festival and PJS at the Laneway. Beaufort Street Festival 2014 and PJS at the Laneway, The City of Stirling Stage, Perth and The Laneway, Perth.
  • Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., Bernstein, P., (2014), Peter Bernstein with Jamie Oehlers Trio. Peter Bernstein with Jamie Oehler's Trio at the Perth International Jazz Festival, Cultural Centre, Perth, PIJF.
  • Berstein, P., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., Abbey, N., (2014), Peter Berstein at the Perth International Jazz Festival. 2014 Perth International Jazz Festival, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Wood, G., Jodrell, M., Mackey, C., Susnjar, D., Florrison, K., (2014), Mat Jodrell at The Perth International Jazz Festival. The Perth International Jazz Festival, Brookfield Place, Perth.
  • Wood, G., Barlow, D., Jeavons, P., Susnjar, D., (2014), Dale Barlow live at The Ellington. Dale Barlow live at The Ellington, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Wood, G., Susnjar, D., Pooley, S., Hammer, L., Bodycoat, A., (2014), Over the Rainbow - Pridefest WA. Over the Rainbow - Pridefest WA, Connections Nightclub and The Ellington Jazz Club, Libby Hammer.
  • O'Halloran, T., Alderson, D., Susnjar, D., (2014), Tom O'Halloran Trio at the 2014 Perth International Jazz Festival. Perth International Jazz Festival 2014, Urban Orchard, Perth.
  • Susnjar, D., Malet, R., Minness, L., Mitchell, H., Thomson, J., Grafton, Z., Robbie, I., (2018), Spark CD. Spark, Perth, WA, Australia, Daniel Susnjar .
  • Susnjar, D., (2016), Moth to a Flame CD. Moth to a Flame, New York City, USA, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Susnjar, D., Susnjar, D(., Norris, A., Roberts, T., Bernstein, C., Juarez, Y., Bollenback, P., Anning, S., Lobaton Beltran, TH., Alegria, G., Leguia, LA., (2014), The application of Afro-Peruvian rhythms to the drumset – Su Su Nje. Su Su Nje, New Jersey, Miami and New York City, USA and Perth, Western Australia, Daniel Susnjar.
  • Susnjar, D., Leguia, LA., Alegria, G., Juarez, Y., Lobaton Beltran, TH., Essiet, EE., Benitez, J., Alcazar, H., Carter, R., Tinnin, S., Roy, B., Ferrante, R., O'Farrill, A., (2014), Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet CD "10". "10", New York City, USA, Daniel Susnjar.
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