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Audio collection

Our collection of audio files have been recorded by the Acting and Music Theatre students at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. The recordings have been made under a range of recording conditions, from interviewees lounge rooms to cafes and pubs around Perth so the sound quality varies accordingly.

Most of the examples contain standard texts that interviewee's were asked to read aloud. A list of vowel sounds, representing the main vowel sounds found in the English Language and a number of sentences that focus on each of the vowel sounds in the context of a sentence. The vowel sound list was written by Andrew Jack,  a leading international dialect coach, dialogue coach, and expert on accent and dialects.

The examples also contain general conversation in English about the interviewee's native country, for example, its weather patterns, types of accents and dialects, interviewee's personal stories of migration, anecdotes, jokes and sometimes a song or two.

We invite you to listen to our audio samples from the following regions:

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