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Higher degree courses

Master of Arts (Performing Arts)

The two-year, full-time Master of Arts (Performing Arts) is primarily aimed at high-level practitioners from the arts community who wish to extend their independent capacity through practice-based artistic research.

Students research, devise and produce new works of art, develop new approaches to arts practice or alternative connections with other bodies of knowledge. The student is also required to provide an appropriate written contextualisation and/or critical reflection of their research, detailing their interrogative processes and artistic ideas involved in the study (an exegesis).

The critical practice together with the written reflection make up the total thesis which is expected to develop appropriate methodologies of inquiry and incorporate current knowledge of the discipline/s through its various modes of transmission.

Doctor of Philosophy

This three-year, full-time research program is aimed primarily at high-level practitioners with substantial professional experience in the arts industry who aspire to a more extensive research and creative leadership profile (the course is available in part-time mode in specific circumstances).

Candidates will be expected to self-initiate and develop research through, in and about the practices of their chosen discipline to produce original and interrogative works of art and/or original approaches to performing arts’ processes/products that will extend the knowledge of their discipline/s.

Doctoral candidates are seen as articulate leaders in the conceptual underpinnings of their performing arts’ discipline/s. The thesis will normally include a performance, exhibition, event or an embodiment of some form (as in pedagogical investigations) in conjunction with a critical written record of the research, detailing reflective processes and artistic ideas in the context of current professional and academic knowledge. Together, the critical practice and written reflection constitute the thesis.

The Doctor of Philosophy is subject to University-wide regulations pertaining to course duration, formal proposal review and ethics clearance procedures and thesis submission. Copies of the relevant documentation will be provided to all candidates upon enrolment.


The Course Coordinator for Research and Postgraduate Studies is Dr Jonathan W. Marshall.

View a list of our Researchers and Supervisors and their research interests, or find our Research department staff on the WAAPA Staff listing web page.

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If you would like to know more about WAAPA higher degree courses, please visit the WAAPA Study areas web page.

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