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Naomi Brockwell

"WAAPA handed all kinds of amazing opportunities to me on a silver platter."

I loved my time at WAAPA, it had such a profound impact on me. Imagine Disneyland for a performer, that’s what it felt like to me. I loved walking into the building in the mornings, seeing dancers stretching in the corridor, the guitarists strumming away on the couch, hearing a jazz band off in one of the studios, seeing people in costumes, carrying beautiful sets around, the singers humming to themselves. WAAPA was the most positive and inspiring place for any creative person to flourish. I was super-lucky to have such wonderful teachers, but also felt that I was at a tremendous advantage having the opportunity to learn from all of the students there in all kinds of disciplines. It allowed me to fall in love with so much more than just my own major, and really helped me grow in my own pursuits.

WAAPA Classical Voice graduate

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