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Box Beats

WAAPA's Jazz and Contemporary Music staff and students, along with special visiting guests, provide energetic sounds for that afternoon pick-me-up.

27 February Contemporary Music
12 March Jazz Staff
13 March Contemporary Music
27 March Contemporary Music
16 April Afro Peruvian Ensemble
17 April Contemporary Music
15 MayContemporary Music
29 MayContemporary Music
7 AugustContemporary Music
21 AugustContemporary Music
10 September Jazz Ensemble
25 SeptemberContemporary Music
16 OctoberContemporary Music
22 OctoberJazz Ensemble
23 OctoberContemporary Music
29 OctoberJazz Ensemble
30 OctoberContemporary Music

Performance Details


Music Box, ECU Mount Lawley Campus

Performance dates

27th Feb 2:30pm 12th Mar 12:30pm 13th Mar 2:30pm 27th Mar 2:30pm 16th Apr 12:30pm 17th Apr 2:30pm 15th May 2:30pm 29th May 2:30pm 7th Aug 2:30pm 21st Aug 2:30pm 10th Sep 12:30pm 25th Sep 2:30pm 16th Oct 2:30pm 22nd Oct 12:30pm 23rd Oct 2:30pm 29th Oct 12:30pm 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 1st Jan 8:00am 30th Oct 2:30pm

Ticketing information

$ - Full
$ - Concession/Friends

Bookings open

1st Jan 8:00am - Friends
1st Jan 8:00am - Public

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