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Sum and parts of creative process

Prague Quadrennial Scenofest is the largest scenography event in the world. 2011 will be the first time WAAPA students have contributed to design actuations and attending staff will explore opportunities to forge international links with other performing arts institutions. The Prague Quadrennial, Scenofest Street Stories project provides researchers with a unique opportunity in which to explore the creative process and identify significant influences on creative outcomes. It also enables lecturers to make better-informed judgements of outcomes and appropriate strategies for the development of delivery and assessment methods and tools.

Researchers from WAAPA’s design and costume departments will gain access to contributing international institutions through the support of Scenofest organisers, and be able to engage with and document the entire Design as Performance experience from interpretation of brief to creative outcomes from our own perspective and that of other contributing institutions. This participation combined with the collection of data, through formal and informal data collection methods, and ensuing dialogue will provide the opportunity to benchmark our own processes against those of contributing international institutions


Ms Leaf Watson-Heath
Ms Fleur Kingsland
Ms Ingrid Proos

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