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The Industry - Teaching nexus

The Industry-Teaching Nexus research project aims to inform the development of an Innovative consultation method to engage strategic international advisory mechanisms for WAAPA.

To comply with governance obligations, WAAPA is required to establish an Industry Advisory Committee. Historically, the committee has comprised of members of the WA arts community and related industry practitioners. This project aims to undertake a process of applied research to investigate whether the construction of a new industry advisory ‘system’ as a virtual ‘meeting place’ will enable a sustainable and more informative flow of national and international industry-related information aimed at ensuring that WAAPA remains at the forefront of best practice in its teaching, research and industry preparations.

The objective is to design an online interactive system that can capture the constant flow of information and target highly specialised comments from significant individuals and groups regardless of location. Additionally, the system will allow staff to be involved in the process, enabling documentation (in multiple modes) of creative research practices of performance and international debate over pedagogical approaches.


Ms Aine Whelan
Professor Julie Warn
Associate Professor Maggi Phillips
Research Assistant Anomie

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