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The Gig Engine: Modelling Cybernetic Complexity and Contingency in Electronic Music Performance

This project will address the complexity of modern digital music performance by creating a software assistant, a “Gig Engine”, capable of managing the technical aspects of a show. The Gig Engine will oversee devices and instruments, narrative workflow, detect and troubleshoot problems, suggest solutions, curate information and datasets, track performer biometrics, as well as deciding what information and controls are most relevant at each stage of a performance. Freeing performance practitioners from such automatable technical tasks allows them to focus on their primary task: the successful execution of performative art.

Music is a source of joy for most humans, but active participation can often require skills not found in the average person. Smart music technology can help bridge this gap, enabling everyone to practice music-making. The project’s industrial partner, ROLI Ltd, is a rapidly growing music technology company based in London, UK. ROLI develops multi-award-winning expressive music creation hardware and software products. These are designed to empower all creators to explore music, from seasoned professionals to casual consumers. ROLI has partnered with global technology giants such as Apple, Google, and Sony to help develop and deliver its musical vision.

Funding agency

FXpansion Audio UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ROLI Ltd

Project duration

September 2018 – September 2021


Dr Stuart James

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