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Mr Jamie Oehlers

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information Telephone: +61 8 6304 6580, Email:, Campus: Mount Lawley, Room: ML2.111
Staff Member Details
Telephone: +61 8 6304 6580
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML2.111  



Recognised as one of Australia s leading jazz musicians, Jamie Oehlers was the winner of the World Saxophone Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in 2003, judged by Charles Lloyd, Bruce Lundvall (Blue Note Records) and Jean Toussaint amongst others. He has won numerous awards in Australia, including Australian Jazz Awards for Best Australian Jazz Artist and Best Contemporary Jazz Album, a James Morrison Scholarship, a Western Australian Music Industry Award for International Achievement, has been nominated for a Mo Award for Best Jazz Instrumentalist, Australian Young Achiever of the Year Award, and has twice been a finalist in the Australian Recording Industry Award s for Best Jazz Album. He has performed at the JVC Jazz Festival in New York, BBC London Jazz Festival, Jazz Yatra in India, Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival in Rome, Galway Jazz festival, Brecon Jazz Festival in Wales, Jazz Alive Festival in New Zealand, most major festivals in Australia and jazz clubs throughout the world. In 2004, Jamie performed a week long residency at Ronnie Scott s Jazz Club in London and in the last 2 years has performed in the United States, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Ireland and throughout the UK.

Jamie has released a number of CD s including his most recent recordings “Lost and Found” with Paul Grabowsky and Dave Beck, “You R Here” Sessions 1 & 2 featuring James Muller and Scott Tinkler with his Double Drummer Ensemble, “Assemblers” and “Grace” (all on Jazzhead Records) and also “Blowfish featuring Alison Wedding”, “Velocity” and“Strut”.

Besides being a graduate of WAAPA, Jamie furthered his studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston. He has also studied under some of the world s finest jazz musicians in New York City, including Dave Liebman, George Coleman, Hal Crook and George Garzone. Jamie has performed with leading international jazz artists like Charlie Haden, Ari Hoenig Quartet, The Brodsky Quartet, Jamie Cullum, Geri Allen, George Garzone, Bob Hurst, Eric Harland, Ronnie Scott, Cindy Blackman, Peter Leitch, John and Jeff Clayton, Curtis Lundy, Eddie Marshal, Bobby Shew and Australian jazz icons Dale Barlow, Renee Geyer, Barney Mcall, Kate Ceberano, Bernie McGann, Paul Grabowsky, Scott Tinkler and Joe Chindamo.

Jamie has been a tutor at the Victorian College of the Arts and Monash University in Melbourne, and has held saxophone and improvisation workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. In 2008 he became Coordinator of Jazz Studies at WAAPA in Perth.


  • AssocDeg/AdvDip (Associate Degree/Advanced Dip), Edith Cowan University, 1994.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Creative Works

  • Wilson, A., Oehlers, J., Keevers, S., Hale, C., Evans, J., (2014), Allira Wilson with the Jamie Oehlers Quartet. Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Allira Wilson, Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Slater, G., Grabowsky, P., Beck, D., Robertson, B., (2014), Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Gian Slater. Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Gian Slater, Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Vanderwal, B., Magnusson, S., (2014), Paper Tiger - Magnusson/Oehlers/Vanderwal. Paper Tiger, Assemblers Records.
  • Oehlers, J., Grabowsky, P., Beck, D., (2014), Lost and Found Again. Lost and Found, Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.
  • Tarr, C., Jeavons, P., Oehlers, J., Blanchard, T., (2014), Tal Cohen Quartet Live at the Perth International Jazz Festival. The Perth International Jazz Festival, Forrest Chase, Perth.
  • Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., Bernstein, P., (2014), Peter Bernstein with Jamie Oehlers Trio. Peter Bernstein with Jamie Oehler's Trio at the Perth International Jazz Festival, Cultural Centre, Perth.
  • Oehlers, J., Bradley, R., Story, M., Derrick, R., Dyne, P., Donlon, M., Holland, O., Gibson, F., Field, K., (2014), New Zealand Collaborations Tour., CJC (Auckland), NZSM Concert Hall (Wellington), The Darkroom (Christchurch).
  • Vinson, W., Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Boneham, A., Vanderwal, B., (2014), Will Vinson/Jamie Oehlers Quartet at the Ellington. Will Vinson live at the Ellington, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Tarr, C., Oehlers, J., Vanderwal, B., (2014), Los Cabrones at the Perth International Jazz Festival. The Perth International Jazz Festival, Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre .
  • Oehlers, J., O'Halloran, T., Susnjar, D., (2014), Jamie Oehlers Trio - Beaufort Street Festival and PJS at the Laneway. Beaufort Street Festival 2014 and PJS at the Laneway, The City of Stirling Stage, Perth and The Laneway, Perth.
  • Oehlers, J., Grabowsky, P., Harland, E., Rogers, R., (2014), Oehlers/Harland/Rogers/Grabowsky. Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.
  • Oehlers, J., Vanderwal, B., Magnusson, S., (2014), Paper Tiger CD Release Tour. Paper Tiger, NIMA (Newcastle), 505 (Sydney), Smiths (Canberra), Uptown Jazz Club (Melbourne).
  • Oehlers, J., Gander, A., McMahon, M., Clarke, B., (2014), Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Andrew Gander. Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Andrew Gander, Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre, Sydney.
  • Oehlers, J., Lo, T., Fernandes, A., Tak Hong, T., (2014), Jazz Saxophone Master. Jazz Saxophone Master, Peel Fresco Music Lounge, Hong Kong.
  • Wood, G., Oehlers, J., Vanderwal, B., Florisson, K., Garzone, G., (2014), George Garzone at The Ellington. George Garzone at The Ellington , The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Oehlers, J., Abbey, N., Vanderwal, B., Cohen, T., Robertson, B., Fischer, D., Keller, A., Magnusson, S., (2013), Alison Wedding with the Jamie Oehlers Quartet., Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne and Ellington Jazz Club, Perth .
  • Oehlers, J., Keevers, S., Aravena, R., Fischer, D., Williamson, P., (2013), The Assemblers., Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Williamson, P., Grabowsky, P., Fischer, D., Robertson, B., (2013), Far Away Here. Paul Williamson, Jamie Oehlers, Paul Grabowsky Quintet, Uptown Jazz Cafe, Melbourne.
  • Tarr, C., Oehlers, J., Jeavons, P., Cohen, T., (2013), Tal Cohen Quartet Live. The Perth International Jazz Festival, Perth Cultural Centre.
  • Mackey, C., Oehlers, J., Grabowsky, P., Robertson, B., Beck, D., (2013), Carl Mackey & Jamie Oehlers Quintet., Bennett's Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Slater, G., Beck, D., Robertson, D., Cohen, T., (2013), Gian Slater and Jamie Oehlers Quartet., Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Noy, P., Sherlock, J., Bates, S., Elton, M., (2013), Bopstretch featuring Jamie Oehlers., Uptown Jazz Cafe, Melbourne.
  • Wood, G., Oehlers, J., Jeans, S., Abbey, N., Vanderwal, B., (2013), Remembrance - The Graham Wood Trio + 2 CD Launch. Graham Wood Trio + 2 Remembrance CD Launch, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Hekselman, G., Oehlers, J., Anning, S., Vanderwal, B., (2013), Gilad Hekselman with the Jamie Oehlers Trio. Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Cohen, T., Guilfoyle, R., Guilfoyle, C., Ehlers, R., Aravena, R., (2013), International Collaborations Tour., Bb Flat Jazz Club, Berlin.
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  • O'Halloran, T., Oehlers, J., Vanderwal, B., (2012), Beaufort Bop - O'Halloran, Oehlers, Vanderwal. Beaufort Bop, Defectors Bar, Mount Lawley, Western Australia.
  • Oehlers, J., Keevers, S., (2012), Jamie Oehlers and Sam Keevers Duo - Grace. Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Promethean, Adelaide, S.A..
  • Oehlers, J., Hoenig, A., Anning, S., Cohen, T., (2012), Smoke and Mirrors. Smoke and Mirrors (Jamie Oehlers Quartet featuring Ari Hoenig), Allan Eaton Studios.
  • Oehlers, J., Slater, G., Grabowsky, P., Beck, D., Robertson, B., (2012), The Differences. The Differences (Slater/Oehlers) 2012, Melbourne.
  • Oehlers, J., Vanderwal, B., Jeavons, P., Goldberg, A., (2012), Jamie Oehlers and Aaron Goldberg. Aaron Goldberg, The Ellington Jazz Club (WA) and The Promethean (SA).
  • Oehlers, J., Field, K., Bennett, O., Gibson, F., Manins, R., (2012), Jamie Oehlers NZ Quartet at Creative Jazz Club and Auckland University., Britomart 1885 and Auckland University.
  • Oehlers, J., Hurst, R., McMahon, M., Firth, T., Cohen, T., Evans, J., Beck, D., (2012), Robert Hurst with the Jamie Oehlers Quartet - Australian Tour. Robert Hurst with the Jamie Oehlers Quartet, Bennetts Lane, Ellington Jazz Club, The Promethean, 505 Jazz Club.
  • Oehlers, J., Cohen, T., Undy, C., Firth, T., Vale, C., Russell, H., Evans, J., Robertson, B., (2012), Tal Cohen Quartet Tour. MJC: Tal Cohen Quartet featuring Jamie Oehlers, Bennetts Lane, 505, Turnaround Jazz Club, Ellington Jazz Club.
  • Oehlers, J., Frahm, J., Boneham, A., Vanderwal, B., (2011), Jamie Oehlers and Joel Frahm Australian Tour., Ellington Jazz Club/Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.
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  • Garzone, G., Oehlers, J., Wood, G., Anning, S., Hoenig, A., (2011), George Garzone and the Australian Connection - New York. George Garzone and the Australian Connection, Cornelia St Cafe, New York.
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  • Oehlers, J., Cohen, T., Anning, S., Hoenig, A., (2011), Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Ari Hoenig Tour. Jamie Oehlers Quartet with Ari Hoenig Tour, Ellington Jazz Club/Melbourne Jazz Festival.
  • O'Halloran, T., Oehlers, J., Mackey, C., Jeavons, P., Jeans, S., Vanderwal, B., (2011), Memory of Elements. Memory of Elements Live, Charles Hotel.
  • O'Halloran, T., Oehlers, J., Mackey, C., Jeans, S., Jeavons, P., Vanderwal, B., (2011), Memory of Elements National Tour 2011., Australian Jazz Clubs.
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