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The Minderoo Foundation was established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001 based on the mandate to give a hand up, not a hand out - and that ethos remains today. Since establishment the Foundation has supported over 250 partners across Australia and internationally as well as directly delivering a number of initiatives in pursuit of a range of causes. This work includes an interest in the arts and culture sector where Minderoo’s support is centered on enabling new talent, increasing access, encouraging innovation and contributing to sustainability.

WAAPA’s relationship with the Minderoo Foundation began in 2015 with a particular focus on enhancing the learning experience of the Acting department. Over the last three years our partnership has allowed us to develop and achieve strategic ambitions for the institution and for our students, principally by providing the highest calibre of visiting artists. Engaging with visiting artists not only benefits Acting students, it also has wider ramifications across WAAPA and the Western Australian arts community.

We are thrilled to provide the best possible environment and experiences for young artists to grow and flourish. Together we have been able to refine and implement the following three principles to underpin our activities;

  • provide the finest training to promote excellence in our students;
  • create relationships and networks to seed future partnerships and employment opportunities upon graduation; and
  • consolidate WAAPA’s position as an internationally recognized conservatoire training organisation.

The generous support provided by the Minderoo Foundation has turned dreams into reality to the great benefit of students, staff, and the wider arts community for which we are all truly grateful.

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