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Ever asked why? What happens when a musical note is divided into its infinitesimal parts and re-configured into rhythmically patterned scores for different instruments?

How can the tension and resonance of violin playing be transferred into dancing bodies?

What happens if Macbeth was set in the fly-in-fly-out mental and physical landscapes of the Pilbara?

Curiosity drives artistic creation and its performing arts’ products propel dynamic research in whatever mode, material or format that may occur. WAAPA staff and postgraduate students are currently involved in a multitude of thinking/doing across the disciplinary range of the Academy to find  out the why/what/how/when/where of their practices.

Some researchers look back to figure out why particular teaching strategies proved to be successful or otherwise---research about the practices of the performing arts.

Other researchers make investigations in the moment, creating a design, a musical score, a complex prop, a performance work, poem or film---research in the practices of the performing arts.

Whether conceived as process or product, performing arts’ research is alive and well, from established concentrations in music and dance or in the exploratory work of stage management, accent training, strategies for improvisational spontaneity in film acting, directorial leadership, and relationships between scenography and choreography. Possibilities in imaginative and questioning worlds are limitless and challenging.

If you’re interested in postgraduate studies at WAAPA, visit our Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts web page. Here you’ll find information about this and related courses, including videos and galleries about our facilities, our students and our lecturers.

For postgraduate research students, there a variety of scholarships on offer to WAAPA students. You can find out more information about available scholarships on the Prizes and scholarships web page, or apply direct via ECU Scholarships.

For more information about research in the performing arts sector, please contact:

Associate Dean - Research (Acting)
Associate Professor Jonathan Paget

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