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Contemporary Arts and Performance Research Group

Alternative practices and experimentation underscore the research focus within the Contemporary Arts and Performance Group. Through the diverse range of processes and products, artistic investigations question the human condition and draw attention to the various ways in which knowledge is experienced, conceived and conveyed. This human self-in-connection with certain sounds, shapes, textures, dynamics, movement and images inform research within academic boundaries and enrich the cultural imagination.

Research interest areas

The arts research network and research at WAAPA and SCA increasingly challenge the dominant paradigm of quantitative and qualitative research by supporting the predominant methodology of Higher Degree by Research candidates with a third approach – practice as research – which deserves recognition and legitimacy. This research is as diverse as its researchers and draws from disciplines such as dance, music, film, theatre directing, playwriting and performance. Researchers probe the discursive in the archive and embodied knowledge in the repertoire (Taylor, 2003) within performing arts research.

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