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Contemporary Arts and Performance Research Group

This group draws on both archival and performance-based research in areas such as:

  • Indigenous movement, story and cultural protocol processes
  • contemporary dance and physical theatre paradigms
  • contemporary performance and performance studies
  • theatre and performance philosophies and histories
  • theatre and film acting pedagogies
  • intercultural performance praxis
  • design theories and approaches
  • performance and site, performance and landscape, performance and environment.

Researchers and postgraduates in this area employ a diverse range of processes and artistic investigations to question the human condition, drawing attention to the various ways in which knowledge is conceived, conveyed and experienced. The interrogation of individual experience with respect to the embodied perception and production of sounds, dynamics, images, movement, story and spectatorship informs and extends the field and enriches the cultural imagination. Members are involved in practice-as-research/performance-as-research, as well as more conventional scholarly methods to develop new knowledge around performance and its intersection with a broad range of cultural, political, social and philosophical fields.


For more information, contact Dr Reneé Newman / Dr Jonathan W. Marshall.

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