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Student testimonials

WAAPA Aboriginal Performance graduate - Abbie-Lee Lewis

Abbie-Lee Lewis

"WAAPA taught me the tricks of the trade that enabled me to pursue my love of theatre."

"My course provided me with the skills to learn things quickly and efficiently. I also refined my singing and dancing abilities.The one major thing that I’ve taken from my course is to have faith in myself."

Aboriginal Performance graduate

WAAPA Sound graduate - Anna Laverty

Anna Laverty

"I learnt everything I needed to know."

I sometimes do guest lectures at audio colleges and they are great for teaching kids how to use Pro Tools and Ableton but WAAPA teaches you about electronics and studios and radio and theatre and dance. Practical stuff that will help you get a job. I learnt everything I needed to know to walk into a studio and not break anything. And that’s a really good start!

Sound graduate

WAAPA Arts Management graduate - Annelies Crowe

Annelies Crowe

"The course opened my eyes to all the roles that are possible working in the arts"

I knew I wanted to work on the management side of theatre, but coming from Tasmania, I really had no idea what was possible when I started at WAAPA.

The course opened my eyes to all the roles that are possible working in the arts and, more importantly, introduced me to so many incredible people who have been helping to open doors ever since.

Arts Management graduate

WAAPA Music Graduate - Ariel Postmus

Ariel Postmus

"If you want to be a performer and practical musician then WAAPA is absolutely the best place to come."

You get so many different opportunities whether it be playing in a classical symphony orchestra, chamber music, operas or musicals, it has made us well-rounded musicians who have had pit experience, orchestral experience, and just experience working with other human beings.

Music (Classical Performance) graduate

WAAPA Music Theatre Graduate - Jason Arrow

Jason Arrow

"The opportunity to perform at WAAPA is a very regular occurrence"

From Performance Practicals all the way through to the vast number of shows you will take part in during your time there. This diversity of performance opportunity, both in class and on stage, without a doubt helps you confidently navigate your choices as an industry professional.

Music Theatre graduate

WAAPA Props and Scenery graduate - Jerome Davenport

Jerome Davenport

"Throughout my three years at WAAPA I’ve learnt numerous techniques that have helped in my professional life as a freelance visual artist."

"I specialise in murals, so skills such as mapping large scale theatre backdrops, proportional drawing, sculpture and scenic finishes, have all helped me practically but have also aided my development as an artist."

Props and Scenery graduate

WAAPA Arts Management graduate - Katherena Lambestos

Katherena Lambestos

"WAAPA’s arts management course made me work-ready."

WAAPA is the only institution in the country that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management. I really wanted to study in this area and loved the fact that I could do it in a setting where I was immersed in the arts. The course has such a strong history of successful graduates and large network of alumni, so I knew I would be in great company and receive an excellent platform to launch a career in the arts.

Arts Management graduate

WAAPA Acting graduate - Kirsty Marillier

Kirsty Marillier

"Graduating from WAAPA in 2014 meant that I was able to tackle the industry with agency and a strong understanding of who I was as a performer and creative."

Over the course of 3 years at this school, I was given the space to fail, reflect, fail again and sometimes get it right. WAAPA'S school of thought acts as the baseline for who I am as a playwright and actor in Sydney and Melbourne.

It built resilience and tenacity within my practice, and an incessant need to keep trying.

Acting graduate

WAAPA Performing Arts graduate - Linnea Tengroth

Linnea Tengroth

"The staff at WAAPA are so knowledgeable and they’ve been in industry so they know what they’re talking about."

I travelled to Perth from Sweden because of WAAPA’s Performance Making course. It’s unlike anything I could find at home. The course really delves into all these different aspects of performance; physical theatre, movement, puppetry and how to tour a theatre work. The staff at WAAPA are so knowledgeable and they’ve been in industry so they know what they’re talking about. They’re always learning and training so they never stop and so you are currently getting the latest from industry and what’s happening right now!

Performing Arts graduate

WAAPA Acting graduate - Luke Arnold

Luke Arnold

"One of my favourite things about WAAPA was the wealth of various techniques and tools we were presented with."

"There was no specific method imposed upon us and I think the greatest lesson from that was adaptability. Whether it’s been a broad comedy or a fully improvised horror film I’ve been able to reach back to my training and pull out something to draw on.

WAAPA is a special place of consistently beautiful people, teachers and students alike. This industry is built on collaboration and a shared experience. WAAPA cultivates that notion perfectly. I will never in my life perform to a more enthusiastic and supportive audience than the one I performed my audition piece to during orientation week. That feeling continued all through my years. A sense that everyone had your back."

Acting graduate

WAAPA Design graduate - Matt Raven

Matt Raven

"WAAPA is unique in Australia, providing students hands-on experience across such a variety of performance types."

During my time at WAAPA I had the privilege of working with two visiting professional Directors gaining valuable experience in scenic design and costume design as well as working with resident directors on a variety of theatre productions.

WAAPA is unique in Australia, providing students hands-on experience across such a variety of performance types. I would definitely recommend the course to other aspiring designers. Come in with an open mind and be prepared to push yourself and challenge yourself.

Design graduate

WAAPA Contemporary Music graduate - Meg Mac

Meg Mac

"I found a place where it was OK to sing every day..."

"Every day I managed to find some inspiration, even if it was only a small piece, it was always there and some days it was overwhelming. I found a place where it was OK to sing every day and I have not stopped since."

Music (Contemporary Performance) graduate

WAAPA Classical Performance Voice graduate

Naomi Brockwell

"WAAPA handed all kinds of amazing opportunities to me on a silver platter."

I loved my time at WAAPA, it had such a profound impact on me. Imagine Disneyland for a performer, that’s what it felt like to me. I loved walking into the building in the mornings, seeing dancers stretching in the corridor, the guitarists strumming away on the couch, hearing a jazz band off in one of the studios, seeing people in costumes, carrying beautiful sets around, the singers humming to themselves. WAAPA was the most positive and inspiring place for any creative person to flourish. I was super-lucky to have such wonderful teachers, but also felt that I was at a tremendous advantage having the opportunity to learn from all of the students there in all kinds of disciplines. It allowed me to fall in love with so much more than just my own major, and really helped me grow in my own pursuits.

Music (Classical Performance) graduate

WAAPA Dance graduate - Samuel Maxted

Samuel Maxted

"WAAPA encouraged me to think globally."

Throughout my time training at WAAPA I was tutored and mentored by lecturers that had very successful international careers so my mind was always open to the possibility of taking my dancing overseas. They gave me the encouragement I needed to make the big move to Europe, where I have been exposed to an exciting and competitive dance scene, which has in turn extended my skills and progress as a dancer. Thanks WAAPA.

Dance graduate

WAAPA Acting graduate - Travis Jeffery

Travis Jeffery

"Every day was a new experience."

The great thing about studying at WAAPA is we learn and are exposed to so much. Each teacher, each class, each play brings us something completely different. During my time I was able to experience heaps, and each experience helped me become a better actor.

Acting graduate

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