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Mr Ric Eastman


Staff Member Details
Telephone: +61 8 6304 6952
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML1.217  

Ric is a Lecturer in Contemporary Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Current teaching

  • MUS3425 - Contemporary Principle Study 5
  • MUS3427 - Contemporary Principle Study 6
  • MUS4421 - Contemporary Principle Study 7
  • MUS4424 - Contemporary Principle Study 8
  • MUS3426 - Contemporary Ensemble 5
  • MUS3428 - Contemporary Ensemble 6
  • MUS4406 - Contemporary Ensemble 7
  • MUS4414 - Contemporary Ensemble 8
  • MUS1413 - Extension Study 1
  • MUS1423 - Extension Study 2
  • MUS2413 - Extension Study 3
  • MUS2423 - Extension Study 4
  • MUS3413 - Extension Study 5
  • MUS3423 - Extension Study 6
  • MUS4411 - Extension Study 7
  • MUS4419 - Extension Study 8
  • MUS1410 - Music Techniques 1
  • MUS1420 - Music Techniques 2
  • MUS2410 - Music Techniques 3
  • MUS2420 - Music Techniques 4
  • MUS3410 - Music Techniques 5
  • MUS3420 - Music Techniques 6
  • MUS4408 - Music Techniques 7
  • MUS1427 - Music Techniques 8


Ric Eastman can be heard on recordings by artists such as Hank Marvin, Dave Hole, John Meyer, John Bennet, Natalie Gillespie, Dave Brewer, Mia Milan, Ronnie Rae Rivers, Ted McKenna, Hip Mo Toast, Desert Child, Guy Ghouse and Gina Williams, Adam Hall, Merv Pinny, Adrian Kelly, Don Gomes, The Lathams, Gavin Brown, Nathan Gaunt, and dual Grammy Award winning Pedal Steelist Lucky Oceans. Ric has toured nationally and internationally with artists such as Demis Roussoss, Dave Hole, The Supremes, John Meyer, Natalie Gillespie and The Zydecats. As a freelance player, Ric has performed with artists such as Thelma Houston, Lee Konitz , Ian Moss, Melonie Daniels, Tom Burlinson, Melinda Schneider, Ernie Watts ,Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers, Ben Lee, Hamilton Loomis, Chris Cain, Jack Jones, Carter and Carter, Mal Eastick, Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges and numerous soundtracks and jingles. Ric has performed with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, Perth Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Ric has been a featured performer at Australia’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend, DrumScene Live clinician for the Percussive Arts society, columnist for DrumScene Magazine, and has performed clinics in Australia and the Philippines.


  • Associate Diploma of Performing Arts in Jazz, Edith Cowan University.
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Edith Cowan University, 2013.
  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, TAFE WA, 2006.

Research Outputs

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Eastman, R., Gillespie, N., Brewer, D., Franz, B., Portolesi, V., Morgan, H. (2014). Natalie Gillespie Courage to Love CD. Shanghai Twang Recording Studio.
  • Eastman, R., Brewer, D., Gillespie, N., Martinez, R. (2014). Natalie Gillespie and Ian Moss Live in Bali. Canggu Club, Bali.
  • Eastman, R., Jeavons, P., Jeans, S., Kelly, A., Wong, WW. (2014). Adrian Kelly Quartet. The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth.
  • Eastman, R., Gibbs, A. (2014). Lupo CD. Jericho Studio.

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Eastman, R. (2013). Drumming Up a Storm. WAAPA Music Auditorium.
  • Eastman, R., Brewer, D., Freer, W., Oceans, L., Patient, B., Jalla, T., Gillespie, N. (2013). Dave Brewer Night Walkin' CD Launch. Fremantle Arts Centre.
  • Eastman, R., Freer, W., Brewer, D., Doley, C. (2013). Dave Brewer CD Night Walkin'. Shanghi Twang Recording Studio.
  • Eastman, R., Oceans, L., Rogers, W., Hughes, K., Bell, G. (2013). Zydecats 2013. Blue Owl's Nest Stage, Bridgetown.

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Lynton, C., O'Halloran, T., Eastman, R. (2012). Tribute to Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. The Ellington Jazz Club.
  • Eastman, R., Oceans, L., Brewer, D., Lemann, S. (2012). Lucky Oceans Quartet. Festival Theatre.

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Eastman, R., Meyer, J., Oats, P. (2011). John Meyer's Blues Express Phuket International Festival. Hilton Hotel Grounds, Karon, Phuket.
  • Eastman, R., Oceans, L., Brewer, D., Freer, W. (2011). The Lucky Oceans/ Dave Brewer Band. Kulcha, Fremantle, WA.
  • Eastman, R., Milroy, D., Freer, W., Patient, B., Oceans, L. (2011). Waltzing the Wilarra Live Performance - Drumset player. Subiaco Arts Centre.
  • Eastman, R., Milroy, D., Freer, W., Patient, B., Oceans, L. (2011). Waltzing the Wilarra Original Cast Recording. Anarchy Recording Studio.
  • Styles, M., Eastman, R., Eastman, M. (2011). Radioactive 2011. Subiaco Arts Centre.

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Eastman, R. (2010). Excerpts from Broadway musicals (Drumset). Adelaide Festival Theatre.

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Eastman, R., Meyer, J., Oats, P. (2008). John Meyer's Blues Express. Tattersalls Hotel & Workers Club, Goulburn NSW.

Creative Arts Research Outputs

  • Eastman, R. (2006). Lucky Oceans "Secret Steel". Head Records.
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