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Welcome to the WAAPA Accent and Dialect Collection

We hope you find this site useful for your theatre practice or research. Our aim is to build a comprehensive collection of audio files representing as many of the world’s fascinating renditions of the English language as we can gather. Most of the samples have an Australian English base to nourish and reflect the Australian community.

The collection so far has over three hundred examples of English spoken word from 60 countries of origin. Samples have been collected by students of the Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts since 1996 and will continue to increase…indefinitely!

We extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to all the participants who lent their voices to this project; and thanks must go to all the students who have spent the time and effort to record these interviews.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the creator and director of the Accent and Dialect project, Julia Moody, and thank her for all her years of guidance, research and inspiration.

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