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WAAPA’s technical costume courses prepare students for industry employment through teaching methods designed to develop and refine the creative and practical skills of each individual. Our programs offer a breadth of experience in classroom and live production environments, which are unique to WAAPA, preparing graduates for transition into a wide range of costume-oriented careers within the entertainment industry.

The Costume program at WAAPA offers a blend of vocational (VET) and degree courses. The initial entry year is for a Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services (CUA50415 Costume Specialisation), which is a foundation year of skill-building with classes in costume construction, pattern drafting, art finishing, millinery, drawing, history of theatre, and costume management. Students also work on production as crew members, applying and developing their costume skills in a dynamic, team based, live production environment.

This diploma year articulates into the Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services (CUA60213) as the second year of enrolment, which is a skill-building year in both management and technical costume areas. Classes include corsetry and undergarments, period costume cutting and construction, costumes for dance (stretch wear and tutu construction), drawing and Photoshop, and more advanced production management in live production. Students also take on more advanced management in a live production environment, experiencing practical team leadership roles in dressing and costume supervision, as well as specialist costume construction for stage productions.

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma can now articulate into a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Y97 - Production and Design Major). As Edith Cowan University recognises the Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services (CUA60213) as the equivalent of 180 points toward a Bachelor of Performing Arts, students who enrol in the Y97 Production and Design degree program can attain the degree in three semesters. Costume specialist classes are delivered in design and advanced construction, as well as costume management in a live production, industry simulated environment. Other classes include but are not limited to: academic research and writing, arts management, industry studies and contemporary performance. The degree program is concluded with a 4-week minimum industry secondment, to assist the student into industry employment.

It is possible for students to apply to enrol directly into the Advanced Diploma or Degree courses, but they must hold an equivalent diploma to the CUA50415 or CUA60213 respectively, as well as relevant industry experience in live costume production.

Prospective students for WAAPA’s Costume programs are required to submit a folio of relevant work and a written essay submission as part of their application progress. A formal interview is conducted for all costume applicants.

Courses offered in this discipline

These course pages detail entry requirements, fee and interview information. You can also apply from these pages.

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For further enquiries please contact Student Recruitment on 134 328, or for calls outside Australia, (61 8) 6304 0000.

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