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Music Artist

The Music Artist stream focuses on creative original music, song writing, performance preparation and collaboration. Music Artists work on individual and group creativity, where performances are not limited to their primary instrument. Students develop fundamental knowledge along with an understanding of essential stylistic elements and the ability to communicate their musical ideas. Solo and collaborated original music is combined with stagecraft skills to feature in performances studies.

Diploma - develop fundamental theory and aural knowledge, song writing, stylistic elements, technical and rudimental levels, stagecraft skills, music history and performance. Ensemble core repertoire includes blues, soul, rock, funk, original music and songs from relevant contemporary artists

Advanced Diploma - creative writing, recording, music production techniques and showcase performances become the focus. Performance units mainly feature original music along with creative arrangements of previously recorded material. The showcase performances are open to the general public with tickets purchased through the Box Office. Workshops with local, national and/or International artists are conducted throughout the year and during project weeks.

Bachelor of Music - continues on from the Advanced Diploma with the focus being the completion of an Industry standard, broadcast quality product including professional level recording, engineering and production. Bachelor of Music prepares students for entry into the music profession. With strengths in performance, composition, musicology and music technology, the course is taught by a staff of scholar-performers whose expertise spans the whole gamut of the music world today.

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For further enquiries please contact Student Recruitment on 134 328, or for calls outside Australia, (61 8) 6304 0000.

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